Application Guidelines1/7 UPDATE

Tokushima Marathon 2020

■Official event name

Tokushima Marathon 2020


Tokushima Prefectural Government,Tokushima City Hall, Tokushima Association of Athletics Federations,
Tokushima Prefecture Board of Education, Tokushima City Board of Education and Tokushima Shimbun.

■Main Organizer

Tokushima Marathon Planning Committee


Marathon (42.195km)

  • Elite runners
  • General runners

Challenge and Charity(42.195km)

Sanctioned by Japan Association of Athletics Federations and AIMS


March 22, 2020 (Sunday) *The event will be held rain or shine


Tokushima Prefectural Office→Yoshinogawa-Ohashi Bridge→North bank of Yoshino River→Saijo Bridge
→South bank of Yoshino River→West of Johnouchi Junior and Senior High School
→Tokushima City Athletics Stadium

■Entry qualifications

Non-Japanese living outside of Japan, who are older than eighteen years of age (except high school students).
Runner who is healthy, and capable of completing the race within 7hours.
Runner must keep the Entry Guidelines.
If there is dishonest act such as participation of a person other than applicant, the participation will be revoked.
Wheelchairs are not permitted.

■Total entry limit

15,000 people(including 300 applications from overseas)

■Awards for Marathon

  • The fastest 10 runners
  • General Men's and women's champion
  • Top 3 men and women from each age group arranged every 5 years

■Entry fees

\10,000(participation fee)
Challenge and Charity
\13,000(participation fee+charity contribution)

Participation fee includes accident insurance

■Application period

8:00pm(Japan Standard Time),November 5, 2019(Tuesday) ~ 300 applications
(accepted in order of arrival.Application period will end when applications reach full capacity.)

■Information for runners

A Number-card exchange ticket will be sent to entrants at the begininng of March by e-mail.

Please make sure to bring the ticket when you check in.

■Starting time

9:00 on Sunday, March 22 (Wave Starts)

■Starting lines

For the smooth operation of the marathon, participants will start in blocks according to their latest record time on their application forms.
Those who do not fill out a latest record time will be placed in the last block.

■Time Limit

7 hours.(The race will finish at 4:00pm.)
Time limits are based on the first start time.

■Health Care

  • All participants are expected to be trained and prepared for the race and will be held responsible for their own health and ability to run the race.
  • Participants are warned not to enter the race in a poor state of health.
    Runners are encouraged to have the will to retire the race in case of injury or any other sign of poor physical condetion.
  • First aid will only be offered to deal with accidents during the race.
    Participants must be aware that the organizers are not held liable for any further medical care.

Before applying, please read and agree to the following terms.

■Terms of application

  • Cancellation of your entry or correction of entry information due to personal reasons cannot be made.
    Fees are non-refundable even if they are excessively or redundantly paid.
  • Fees for entry or others are non-refundable if the race is cancelled or reduced due to reasons that are out of the organizer’s control (earthquake, storm, flood, snow, incident, disease, etc.).
  • Since runners are responsible for their own health, please pay attention to your physical conditionsand make appropriate preparations for the race.
    The organizer may command a runner to retire from the race if it is considered necessary, and runners should follow such instructions.
    The organizer will only provide first-aid treatment be injury or sickness that arises during the race.
  • If there is false statement in the application (age, sex, past records, etc.) or dishonest act such as participation of a person other than the applicant, the participation or award will be revoked, and fees paid will not be refunded.
  • The organizer holds the image rights of videos, photographs, articles, entrants’ names, ages, addresses (prefecture and municipality), as well as the right of posting these information on newspapers, TV, magazines, the internet, brochures, etc. Please also read “Personal Information Policy” below.
  • All the staff of this event will observe all related laws.
  • As for matters related to Tokushima Marathon 2020 but not mentioned above,
    please follow the organizer’s instructions.

■Personal Information Policy

We, the organizer of this event, realize the importance of personal information,and will comply with laws and related ordinances concerning the protection of personal information,and handle the obtained information in accordance with our personal information protection policy.

We will use the information in order to improve services to entrants; namely, we will provide entrants with “information for entrants”, notice of record, related information, news for the next event, services by organizations related to the event, and notice of results (ranking).

Further, the organizer or its agent may contact you regarding your application.

  • There is no space for parking around the start and finish area, so please use public transportation such as JR and bus service.
  • Participants are required to attach Number cards on their chest and back, and to carry health insurance card.


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