To Foreign runners8/26 UPDATE

Tokushima Marathon
You can apply here from 8:00pm Nov 5 (Japan started time).


■ Total entry limit

15,000 people

■ Event Overview

  • Name
    Tokushima Marathon 2020
  • Organizer
    Tokushima Prefectural Government, City of Tokushima, Tokushima Association of Athletics Federations, Tokushima Prefecture Board of Education, Tokushima City Board of Education and Tokushima Shimbun.
  • Managed by Tokushima Marathon Planning Committee
  • Date/Times
    Begins 09:00, March 22(Sunday), 2020
    (continues for 7 hours from the firing of the first starting pistol)
    (First wave starts at 09:00, second wave starts at 09:10)
  • Event
    Marathon(42.195km), includes registered and unregistered divisions

■Marathon Schedule etc. (Planned)

Previous Day Events

Finisher Towel
Participation Prizes Fun-Run Family Section
Fun-Run General Section

Tokushima Marathon

  • Start Area(Prefectural Building Area)
    6:00   Changing Rooms Opened
    7:30   Luggage Collection Begins(Until 8:25)
    7:55   Runners Begin Lining Up
    8:35   Runner Line-Up Complete/Begin Moving
    8:40 - Starting ceremony
    9:00   1st Wave Starts
    9:10   2nd Wave Starts
  • Finish Area(Tokushima Athletic Stadium)
    13:00 - Award Ceremony
    14:00 - Awa Odori Dance
    16:00   Closing address

    Finish - 16:30 Warm udon served (only available to runners)
Warm udon served
Finish Katsu(For finishers only)

Handa Somen Noodles

■Appealing feature of Tokushima Marathon

Easy running course even for beginners
Warm cheering on the sidelines


On the previous day of the race, you can find various programs such as running lessons and talk show by guest runners, a market for sports goods and more.

We are going to help you to make good memories of Tokushima Marathon after the race at Runners Oasis. Please enjoy various programs.
We are waiting for you with relaxing foot baths, massage, food and beverage booths and more.
During the event we are going to set up luggage booths as they were well received last time.

Good hospitality by volunteers

We are trying to organize Tokushima Marathon by putting runners first.

■Events on the Day

  • Free Bus Service
    Finish Area(Tokushima Athletic Stadium)→ Events area
  • Runners Cruise (Free)
    Finish Area(Tokushima Athletic Stadium)→ Events area
  • Event

■Participation Prizes [Tokushima Marathon 2019]

Participation Prizes Participation Prizes
Finisher Towel Finisher Towel
Marathon Completion Medal Marathon Completion Medal

■Marathon Head Office

Bandai-cho 1 - 1,Tokushima,770-8570
Tokushima Marathon Executive Committee Head Office


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